Domino Day Review: Brit Witch Fantasy is a Sexy, Grown-Up ‘Charmed’

BBC Three UK fantasy is back, baby

Siena Kelly as Domino Day
Photo: Dancing Ledge Productions

A beautiful young Black woman sits alone at a bar, waiting for her date to show. When he does, he orders for her, brays about his job in finance, objectifies her “caramel” skin, and later, tries to secretly film her – and worse.

On a different night out, a man tells the woman that she could be a model – not runway, but print – and that while he doesn’t usually go for Black girls, she’s the prettiest one there. She witnesses another man, whose mates are bellowing about taking girls “to pound town”, taking upskirt photos in a club. She makes a beeline for them all, and not because her dickhead radar is faulty but because it’s fully operational and when she gets these men into a dark corner… well, that would be telling.

Domino Day, the debut series from Gangs of London and Kiss Me First screenwriter Lauren Sequeira starts off as a Promising Young Woman-style vicarious revenge fantasy about modern dating. From there, it morphs into a full-on supernatural drama complete with Elder councils, magical talismans, alternative dimensions, and covens chanting in unison around flickering candles and glowing orbs. Think sexy, grown-up Charmed.

The show’s at its best when using the supernatural to wittily describe the natural: the humiliations of dating, the power-draining experience of a bad boyfriend, the restorative strength of sisterhood… It’s less good whenever lead character Domino is off screen. Scenes between Elder witches and coven leaders struggle to match the presence of lead actor Siena Kelly, who gives Domino’s journey an emotional realism that this genre rarely delivers.


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