Netflix New Releases: February 2024

Here’s everything arriving on Netflix in February!

The Tourist
Photo: bbc

It’s a weird month on Netflix in February; one that will probably require you to be open-minded about the shows and movies you’re willing to consume on the service.

There are quite a few library TV series arriving this month, for example. If you’re ready to start binge-watching Monk, My Wife and Kids, or acclaimed show Warrior, you’re in luck, as those complete seasons will be available. The Blacklist season 10, Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons 1-4, and Young Sheldon season 6 will also be hitting the ‘Flix.

In terms of what’s new, there’s a ton of foreign language content and true crime stuff, but original English language stuff will largely be unscripted fare like Love is Blind, which is back for a new season. There are a few bits and bobs on the way outside of that, though. Netflix’s animated movie Orion and the Dark will debut, and Tom “Lucifer” Ellis will be knocking about in new Original movie Players.

Here’s everything else coming to Netflix this month. Note that Netflix marks its international offerings with that respective country’s two-letter country code. You can find a list of those abbreviations here.


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