They’ve Let Alan Partridge Back in the BBC (But Not on the This Time Sofa)

Move over Ben Fogle, there’s a new documentarian in town.

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge And Did Those Feet
Photo: Baby Cow/BBC

The last time BBC audiences saw Alan Partridge, he was being refused entry to Broadcasting House. The suits up in their ivory offices didn’t want a truth-talking troublemaker like him around, a man of the people, for the people, near some people.

Also, he’d forgotten his security pass.

Now, it’s a new chapter for Partridge on the Beeb. Following his 2020 – 2021 stint as co-presenter on weeknight light chat magazine programme ‘This Time’, he’s back with a fresh format. And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge is a new BBC documentary series following the presenter’s reintegration into life in Britain after spending a year working in Saudi Arabia. Will Norwich greet its prodigal son with a fatted calf or a cold shoulder?

As a reminder, Partridge’s time at ‘This Time’ ended in June 2021 when he enacted an on-air rebellion in the style of Network’s Howard Beale. In circumstances not exclusively due to the loss of an interview with Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal Princess Anne, Alan declared himself hopping mad and desperate for “something in the middle”.


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