Deadwater Fell’s Ending Drops the Thriller Genre to Reveal its Real Point

Now on Netflix, Deadwater Fell proves that it’s much more than a misery thriller by its final episode. Spoilers ahead.

Anna Madeley in Deadwater Fell

Warning: contains major finale spoilers.

In the end, it wasn’t playing any kind of game. Deadwater Fell’s first two episodes presented as a whodunit thriller with all the ingredients required to guess the villain: a small community, an appalling crime, a cast of suspects, emerging clues…

In the drama’s second half, there was no need for guesswork. The mystery trappings had fallen away, leaving behind a raw, emotional drama that told the simplest and saddest of stories – but one with an urgent purpose in its telling.

David Tennant‘s character Tom killed his family. Why? Because he felt that they were his to kill, that his control over them was worth more than their lives. He felt threatened and he felt entitled. And in all of the most important ways, he didn’t feel anything at all. 


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