David Tennant Downplays Chance of Doctor Who Return

“I’m retired! The Fourteenth Doctor is retired!”

David Tennant as the Doctor in Doctor Who
Photo: BBC/Disney+

Right after ‘why two pairs of shoes but only one pair of trousers?’ the question on everybody’s lips after Doctor Who’s surprise bi-generation was: if David’s Tennant’s new Doctor is still around during Ncuti Gatwa’s era, does that make this a job share? Will Fourteen be popping in to audience applause every other episode like a wacky neighbour on a 1970s sitcom?

According to David Tennant, speaking to Radio Times Magazine ahead of his Bafta-hosting gig, the answer’s no. “The door is not any more open than it ever was,” Tennant told the mag, as reported by “It’s very much the end of the story.”

“The Doctor’s happy. He is in a garden in Chiswick, being made mac and cheese by Bonnie Langford!”

What sweeter fate could befall any man?


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