Invincible Season 2 Trailer Teases a Major Comic Moment

It looks like the back half of Invincible season 2 will feature a moment fans have been waiting for.

Angstrom Levy preparing a green portal as a weapon in Invincible season 2
Photo: Prime Video

Amazon’s decision to split season 2 of its epic animated superhero series Invincible into two parts has been received, let’s say … less than warmly.

After the first four episodes of Invincible season 2 finished premiering Nov. 24, 2023 on Prime Video, fans have had to wait a grueling four months without fresh dispatches from Mark Grayson a.k.a. Invincible’s story. Thankfully, the wait for Invincible season 2 part 2 is almost over. And even more thankfully, Prime Video has now released an action-packed trailer of what’s to come. Give it a watch below:

Every episode of Invincible has quite a lot going on in it. That’s bound to happen when attempting to adapt 144 issues of Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley’s massive comic into TV-sized installments. Fittingly then, there’s a lot going on in this trailer as well.

The most crucial bit, of course, is what’s going on with Mark (Steven Yeun) and his slowly-reforming father Nolan (J.K. Simmons). Following the Viltrumite attack on Thraxa, Mark is using his strength to help his new buggy friends repair their home world. But of course, Earth will need him back soon. Meanwhile, Nolan is in the clutches of his old Viltrumite allies


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