Demon Slayer – To the Hashira Training Review: Setting The Scene For An Epic Endgame

Demon Slayer’s newest movie bridges the gap between the anime’s third and fourth seasons.

Demon Slayer To The Hashira Training Movie
Photo: Ufotable

“Demons thrive on hunting and devouring humans.”

Success is a tricky thing. Commercial and critical acclaim allows an anime like Demon Slayer the freedom to release a feature film installment, but it’s this same success that’s pushed the series down a curious path when it comes to its cinematic installments. Demon Slayer’s first movie, Mugen Train, remains the highest-grossing movie to come out of Japan, animated or otherwise, so subsequent feature films were inevitable. That being said, Demon Slayer’s approach moving forward with its movies has given audiences some pause and is more indicative of a franchise that’s milking its fanbase than one that has worthwhile, cinematic stories to tell. 

Demon Slayer’s second movie, To The Swordsmith Village, along with its latest feature, To The Hashira Training, feel more like glorified fan screenings than genuine movies. These films combine the previous season’s finale with the upcoming season’s premiere into a loosely structured package. It’s a fun way to get excited for what’s to come, but hardly essential viewing for anyone who’s already watching the series. Fortunately, To The Hashira Training works better and is a lot more cohesive than To The Swordsmith Village, albeit even a movie that ultimately doesn’t need to exist.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To The Hashira Training is still two separate episodes that are hastily crammed together. That being said, the story is meatier and the action is more exciting this time around. It also doesn’t hurt that season 3’s finale, which makes up the first chunk of this film, is some of the greatest material that Demon Slayer has ever produced. It truly benefits from this expanded, big screen presentation where it can be enjoyed in all of its triumphant glory. 


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