Remembering Star Trek’s Least Sexy Attempt to Be Sexy

Getting hot and steamy with gel lathered all over barely clothed actors… and the captain’s dog?! Star Trek: Enterprise tried to be sexy and failed.

Hoshi, T'Pol, Archer, and Porthos go through the Decon chamber.
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2001. The night Enterprise, later to be named Star Trek: Enterprise, premiered with “Broken Bow.” I didn’t get to see it that night, probably since it was a school night and I was 10. I taped it on VHS and watched it with my mom a day or so later. We both enjoyed it well enough.

Until we got to a certain scene. 

The crew was just attacked on an alien planet. The plot was ramping up. But first? Trip (Connor Trinneer) and T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) strip down to their underwear and lather each other up with gel. I never get to know why because my mom made me fast forward through the scene, feeling it was, “inappropriate.” We got to the next scene and resumed watching, never speaking of the “inappropriate” scene again. I didn’t rewatch “Broken Bow” until earlier this year and finally got to watch the forbidden scene. A piece of Star Trek that was still all new to me! This should have been exciting.

But wow. That scene was the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


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