15 Things WCW Did Better Than WWE

The WWE may be king of the ring now, but back in the day, WCW gave the wrestling promotion a run for its money.

Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho in WCW
Photo: Robert Beck /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

The story of World Championship Wrestling is one of an amazing rise but then a tragic fall that was hard to watch. While the American wrestling promotion spent much of its early days as second best, WCW figured itself out at a time when the World Wrestling Federation was destroying itself in the ’90s. WCW rose up and became what seemed like an unstoppable force before tripping on its own success while WWF recovered from its mistakes and regained traction. Having lost all that momentum, WCW did itself no favors by spending the next several years making every single bad decision possible. They absolutely could not get a win if they tried.

Now the dead promotion is considered a cautionary tale and a pile-on for jokes about the Shockmaster, David Arquette, the Fingerpoke of Doom, Hulk Hogan being humped by a giant mummy, the fumbling of Steve Austin, Judy Bagwell on a forklift, and so many other things.

That said, WCW stood as tall as it did for a reason. It was an alternative to WWF and for a time succeeded in ways WWF did not. There were just certain things WCW did a whole lot better than its competition…

15. Big Van Vader

During the first half of the ’90s, Big Van Vader was WCW’s go-to monster. Massive, strong, and agile, Vader was a threat who could run through Sting in a surprise squash match and turn a title defense against Ric Flair into a potential funeral. Vader was a top threat whose train got derailed once Hulk Hogan looked in his direction. But that was okay, because then he got signed to WWF!


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