The Quantum Leap Reboot Just Brought Back the Original’s Unused Ending

The season 2 finale of the new Quantum Leap sets up a future that draws on where the original series would have gone had it continued.

A collage of images of characters from the new and original Quantum Leap. From left to right, Ben, Addison, Sam, and Al.
Photo: NBC

This article contains spoilers for Quantum Leap season 2 episode 13 “Against Time.”

In the Quantum Leap season 2 finale, Ben (Raymond Lee) finally has the chance to get back home thanks to a code provided by his season-long love interest, Hannah (Eliza Taylor) and the work of tech-genius Ian (Mason Alexander Park.) There’s just one catch. Someone will have to swap places with Ben and it’s obvious who’d step up: Addison (Caitlin Bassett). After all, she was originally supposed to be the Leaper before Ben leapt in her place in season 1 of the new Quantum Leap

Addison uses the Quantum Leap accelerator and ends up in the past. Her hair is different and lipstick is more prominent. She’s leaped. Around her people run to safety as bombs go off. She looks around and spots Ben. Is he now her hologram? The two run to each other and touch, impossible for a Leaper and hologram.

Ben and Addison didn’t swap places. He’s not a hologram. They’re both Leapers! Questions of how this happened aren’t brought up, the two are just happy to be with each other. They rush off to save people, a powerful hook that points to a huge shake up for season 3. Two main character Leapers working together in Quantum Leap has never been done … But it almost was in the original series.


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