WWE Champions Who Lost the Title Way Too Soon

Championship runs eventually end, but these WWE title holders dropped their belts in some truly abysmal ways.

Seth Rollins
Photo: Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

As is the case with Roman Reigns in modern WWE, sometimes a champion’s reign lasts way too long. But the opposite can also be true. Somebody could get a big title win and only hold onto the belt for a few weeks, possibly even days, before being forced back to square one. For one reason or another, there are a select group of wrestlers in WWE who dropped the title way earlier than they should have.

On this list of wrestlers who needed more time with their championships, we will not be including those who were forced to vacate due to injury (well, with an asterisk, but we’ll get to that later). It seems too easy an answer, so here’s an honorable mention for Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan, Edge, and the rest of the champs who had to vacate the belt for physical reasons.

15. Triple H as Undisputed Champion (2002)

It feels kind of weird including him on this list because the last thing Triple H needs is more time as a champion. Still, the Undisputed Championship in general was fairly cursed up until Brock Lesnar claimed it. Chris Jericho was the first to hold the double belt and came off as a total paper champ due to how much cheating and interference was involved in his wins, how much everyone looked past him, and how secondary he was in his WrestleMania X-8 match with Triple H.

While Triple H attained the Undisputed Championship in the WrestleMania main event, paying off his return from injury, Royal Rumble win, and Jericho’s ability to escape defeat, the real story was Hulk Hogan’s big match with The Rock. People were ravenous for Hogan’s face-turn and it caused Hogan to beat Triple H for the title soon after that. Too bad it was a bust of a title run, ending in a horrendous Undertaker match. Undertaker dropped it to The Rock, who was all but rejected by the audience until Brock usurped him. Maybe Triple H deserved a long run as the Undisputed Champion after all.


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