Constellation’s Stupid Christmas Cracker Joke Unlocks Its Story

Reality A or B? Spoilers.

Noomi Rapace as Joanna Eriksson in Apple TV+ series Constellation
Photo: Apple TV+

Warning: contains spoilers for Constellation episode four.

Nothing is wasted in Apple TV+ Constellation. Its story of an astronaut coming back from space a changed woman is a sci-fi puzzle that viewers are invited to solve, and clues to its mysteries are everywhere: in apparently trivial details, in paintings hanging on walls, in the title of a children’s book… and even in the silliest gag.

In episode four, recently returned astronaut Johanna Eriksson (Noomi Rapace) tries to assimilate back into life on Earth. Her husband Magnus and daughter Alice surprise her with a combined birthday and Christmas party, to catch up with the celebrations she missed while on her International Space Station mission. As part of the dinner, the English-Swedish family pull Christmas crackers and groan at the cheesy jokes they contain. Magnus reads:

“The Spanish fireman has two sons. What are they called? José and Hose B.”


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