Doctor Who Series 14 Episode Guide

Titles, writers, directors, plots and guest cast – here’s what to expect from Doctor Who in May 2024.

Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor in the TARDIS
Photo: BBC STUDIOS 2023,James Pardon

“No job. No boss. Just fun.” That was the offer the Fifteenth Doctor made to Ruby Sunday in the Doctor Who series 14 trailer. ‘And’, he should probably have added, ‘quite a lot of mortal peril,’ – but when has the Doctor ever been upfront with companions about the not-insignificant dangers of travelling in time and space? He probably doesn’t even fill in a risk assessment.

We else do we know about series 14? The first episode will arrive on BBC One, iPlayer and Disney+ on a Saturday in May 2024, and there will be eight episodes in total followed by a Christmas Day special. We also know that the currently-filming series 15 will follow in 2025 with a rumoured new companion.

Aside from that, verified info about the new series is summarised below (catch up on the valiant work of the @set_dw account for non-official but useful clues). We’ll update it all as soon as episode titles and more are officially confirmed. Plus, there are one or two unconfirmed rumours to chew over (but nothing that could be considered a spoiler), and the usual caveats about IMDb credits not always being super-duper accurate.

In addition to all that, we’re assured by Russell T Davies writing in Doctor Who Magazine that one of series 14’s as-yet-undisclosed episode titles will contain eight words (The Return of the Valeyard and the Rani?), and can expect to see new cast members Jack Forsyth Noble, Lenny Rush and more make appearances alongside the returning gang.


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