Dead Hot Ending Explained: The Brutalizer, Will, What Happened to Peter and More.

Prime video’s crime comedy Dead Hot has more twists than a curly wurly.

Dead Hot episode 1
Photo: Prime Video


From writer Charlotte Coben, daughter of prolific crime novelist Harlan Coben, comes twisty Gen Z mystery, Dead Hot, pitched somewhere between crime thriller, comedy and LGBTQ+ romp. Bent coppers, furries, the second coming of Christ, miniature horses, a dodgy priest, and man whose surname is “Hamburgerson” collide in this hectic, eclectic murder mystery. It’s a lot.

Elliot (Bilal Hasna) and Jess (Vivian Oparah) are devoted best friends and Elliot is dating Jess’ twin brother, Peter (Olisa Odele). The three live together until one day Elliot returns home to find Peter missing and his bloodied, severed finger lying in the middle of the kitchen floor. Peter hasn’t been heard from since, but the two hold hope that he might be still alive somewhere.

Five years later Elliot is struggling to move on until he meets Will (Marcus Hodson). He and Will hit it off and spend the night, but then it happens again… Will appears to vanish, leaving only a severed finger behind. Only the finger is made of cake, the policeman at the scene is acting strange and “Will” probably isn’t even called “Will”. Meanwhile Jess gets a match on the DNA analysis site she’s signed up to. Could it be Peter? And what about Elliot’s aunt Bonnifred (Rosie Cavaliero) and the fiance she’s never spoken to (Hamburgerson!), let alone met? It’s going to be a stressful week.


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