Final Jeopardy! on The Tournament of Champions Has Been Absolutely Brutal

Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions has reminded us why it’s for only the most elite quizzers.

A Final Jeopardy! category on Jeopardy!
Photo: Sony Pictures Television

Every dedicated Jeopardy! watcher knows that moment.

You just rattled off a few correct responses in a row. Perhaps you even ran a whole category! The thought occurs to you: I could be a champion. The Jeopardy! Anytime test is right there. Then all you’d need to do is ace the interview portion, fly to Burbank, and enter into the Jeopardy! canon. You’re the next Matt Amodio. You’re the next Amy Schneider. You’ve got this.

Well friend, sad to say you probably don’t got this. Jeopardy! is hard … very hard. And sometimes Jeopardy! likes to remind we casuals of just how competitive a contest it really is. The latest reminder has arrived in the form of this year’s Tournament of Champions. This is the largest ToC in the show’s history, featuring a record 27 contestants vying for a $250,000 prize and spot in the upcoming Jeopardy! Masters tournament.

While the questions (or “answers” in the show’s topsy-turvy jargon) always level up for the Tournament of Champions, it feels like they’ve really leveled up this time. Even many Jeopardy! fans, who are usually a hardy bunch, are starting to notice just how brutal the queries in this ToC is – particularly when it comes to Final Jeopardy!


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