Star Trek After Discovery: Alex Kurtzman on Legacy and the Future of the 32nd Century

Exclusive: Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman gives us a few updates on what’s next for the franchise after the end of Discovery, including the latest on Star Trek: Legacy…

Since its debut 1966, Star Trek has been about boldly going forward. And no Star Trek series has gone further forward than Discovery. After a rocky first few seasons set about a decade before The Original Series, Discovery found its place by jumping to the 32nd century, farther into the future than any other entry in the franchise.

As Discovery prepares to end its mission with its fifth and final season, fans might be wondering what’s next for the 32nd century and the TV franchise as a whole. With Strange New Worlds staying in Disco’s original pre-TOS era and Lower Decks and Prodigy exploring the period after the Next Generation movie Nemesis, Disco’s exit seems to leave the 32nd century unexplored.

But not so fast, says Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman. “I think you can expect more of [Discovery’s] 32nd century,” Kurtzman teases in an exclusive interview for the latest issue of Den of Geek magazine. “I won’t tell you how or, where, or why. But yes, that era is not over.”

Part of that continuing mission in the 32nd century will involve the recently announced Starfleet Academy series. This Paramount+ series will follow a group of new recruits, as they acquire the values that will allow them to continue rebuilding the Federation, which was in disarray when the USS Discovery first arrived in this still largely unexplored Trek era.


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