The Walking Dead: Best Rick Grimes Moments of All Time

Now that The Ones Who Live has wrapped, let’s remember all of Rick Grimes’ best Walking Dead moments.

The Best Rick Grimes Moments
Photo: Artwork by Chloe Lewis

This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead and spinoffs.

AMC‘s long-running zombie epic The Walking Dead has played host to many compelling characters throughout its 11-season run and many spinoffs. But there’s only been one Rick Grimes.

The first character ever introduced on the series, the lawman played by Andrew Lincoln served as the viewers’ ears and eyes as we adjust to this brave new post-apocalyptic world. Rick went from his native Kentucky to the ruins of Atlanta to Hershel’s farm to the prison, Alexandria, Hilltop, Sanctuary, and beyond. And through it all he authored many of the most iconic moments in The Walking Dead history.

As the Rick and Michonne spinoff The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live once again hammered home, Rick Grimes has a flair for the dramatic. Wherever he goes, cool stuff seems to follow. In that spirit, let’s rank some of Rick Grimes best moments in The Walking Dead franchise.


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