Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Trailer Reveals a Major Villain

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire season 2 trailer introduces a bloodsucker who knows what it means to be loved by Death.

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Delainey Hayles as Claudia - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 2
Photo: Larry Horricks | AMC

This article contains spoilers from Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES novels.

The latest Interview with the Vampire season 2 trailers feature Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac, tyrannically dictating the story of his undeath to journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). The ancient vampire won’t lighten the historical weight buried in cryptic footnotes covered in blood. The contemporary talks are set in Prague, but recent clips extend grand theatrical overtures.

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire season 2 will open with a new Parisian location, and fresh blood. AMC’s playbill says the part of Claudia has been recast with Delainey Hayles. Roxane Duran joins as the dollmaker Madeleine, a tragic figure with worse pains to suffer. The latest trailer also features a new, albeit secondary, antagonist, Santiago (Ben Daniels). The prime antagonist is, of course, a series protagonist, the vampire other vampires love to hate but remains the most beloved: Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid).  

Interview with The Vampire season 1 dropped the curtain on Louis’ maker and lover in a rushed farewell. The latest trailer teases a command performance. Lestat and Santiago share a past, and a love of high drama. Barring the most grievous of spoilers, this is how Santiago’s story plays out on the stages constructed in the pages of Rice’s book.


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